Parkview Inn

1867-2018 ~ CELEBRATING 151 YEARS

ParkView Inn
Hotel - Restaurant - Pub

145 Front St., Owego, NY 13827

Phone: (607) 687-9873

Email: Info@OwegoParkview.com

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Welcome to The Historic Parkview Hotel featuring the Dugan House Restaurant & Pub. Located in the heart of historic downtown Owego, we are the oldest continually operated business in the village since 1867.

We extend to you our premier service and ensure your experience will be a relaxing time and one that leaves a lasting memory. We are confident you will find our 1900’s-themed hotel serene and cozy, a destination filled with simple luxuries and amenities. Our restaurant and pub, with its friendly and inviting atmosphere is prepared to serve you enticing entrees as well as the finest comfort food.

Whether you are here on business or pleasure, sit back and enjoy the good food, good cheer and good times. If there is anything we can do to help improve your experience, please let us know

Beth and Mark Johnson



Owego, a name derived from the Iroquois word Ahwaga, which means where the valley widens, was first settled about 1786 and formed in 1791.

B y 1840, the bustling village included several businesses, such as the Farmer’s Exchange owned by early entrepreneurs, Robert and John Cameron. In 1867, the year Owego’s Parkview story begins, the Cameron brothers thought that Owego needed a hotel. They invested in building what became known as the Exchange Hotel and hired Irish immigrant Hugh Dugan to manage it

Dugan later purchased the property and aptly renamed it the Dugan House. By 1878, a second floor balcony was added, followed by an addition on the building’s east side. After Dugan’s death in 1885, his widow and son, C.B., added on to the west side, and then the remarried Mrs. Simeon Barrott ran the hotel until 1910

William F. Barry and Isaac Norton purchased the hotel from Mrs. Barrott in 1910, and by 1916 it sold again, this time to Charles E. and Lillian Page, who renamed it the “Page Hotel.”

Charles’ step-daughter, Alice Shauffler, took ownership in 1928, and then sold to Johh and Rose Kaufelt in 1946, who chose yet another name, the “Park Hotel.” Rose than sold to Hazel Priestly in 1963. In 1972, Clyde Barnes, Leo VanWie and Joseph McTamney became joint owners.

“The Parkview” was adopted by Joseph and Louise McTamney, who were owner/operators for nearly four decades. Just as Beth and Mark Johnson were ready to sign on in 2011, a catastrophic event, Tropical Storm Lee, flooded the entire first floor of the building, however the event compelled the Johnson’s to bring the property back better than ever.

Listed on New York State’s Haunted History Trail, the property has been featured on national and local television and has garnered notoriety for its haunted happenings and mysterious stories of spirits, which have been confirmed by paranormal professionals.

One spirit is that of a two-year-old name Marguerite, who rocked in a rocking chair too close to a warming fire in 1909 when a blanket on a chair caught fire. Sadly, the young girl lost her life from burns she sustained.

Listen closely. You may just hear the sound of the Parkview’s dinner bell that many have attested to is the way Marguerite shows that she is still nearby.

Look closely. The spirit of longtime Owego resident Floyd Hooker sits at the famous handcrafted oak bar. Floyd scored the “luck of the Irish“ one St. Patrick’s Day when he won $45 million from a NYS lottery ticket sold here.

Look again. The spirit of Hugh Dugan, whose family operated the property for some 34 years, also sits at the bar. Perhaps he is admiring the newly renovated hotel while downing his favorite Irish brew.

Careful, you may bump elbows while you sit at the bar. Three spirits of cowboys often hang out at the end of the bar, and are believed to have murdered a man in the basement crawl space here. Not convinced? A recent bathroom renovation dug up some old bones, likely those that belonged to the victim.

Walls do talk. A sealed-off room, dusty and quiet after a 1970’s fire was found only with in the last five years, and yet another endearing room, referred to as the “Crying Room,” which a paranormal professional has identified as the site of a child’s death, has astonished and stirred up tearful emotions of several visitors.

Famous visitors have been here. The property has been visited by respected dignitaries and famous people, such as notable guests, John D. Rockefeller and Oscar Hammerstein. It has also hosted many-a-traveling guest, such as early railroad executives and even a popular palmist by the name of Madam Julian, who, according to historic, newspapers, gave readings of hands to ladies at the Dugan House for a mere 50 cents.

Owego’s Parkview celebrates its milestone 150th anniversary in 2017, and like many in the community, owners Beth and Mark Johnson feel a special connection and attachment to the historic property.

Enjoy your visit and come again soon!


The historic Owego Parkview Hotel is currently being renovated and will revive an "early 1900's" style. Eleven hotel rooms on the second and third floors will be created, with furnishings and amenities evolving around 1900;s theme, along with four studio apartments for monthley rentals.

Welcome to the Parkview Restaurant

Good Morning
Welcome to the Parkview

Breakfast served till 11am Monday - Friday
8am till 3pm Saturday & Sunday

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Sandwiches

Traditional Breakfast Sandwich 5.00
1 egg, cheese blend & choice of meat on
a toasted bagel or English muffin

Breakfast Wrap 6.00
2 eggs, sautéed onions & peppers,
cheese, choice of Bacon, ham or sausage and home fries

Real maple syrup available 1.25

Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes

served with butter and syrup

  Short Stack (2) Full Stack (3)
Regular 3.95 4.95
Chocolate Chip 4.95 5.95
Blueberry 4.95 5.95
Banana pecan 6.00 6.75

Thick French Toast

Short stack (2) 5 Full stack (3) 6.00
Gluten Free French toast 6.00
Banana Bread French Toast 6.00
Stuffed French Toast 8.95
sweet cream cheese w/ side
blueberrys & strawberries

Belgian Waffles

Served with butter and syrup
Traditional Belgian Waffle 4.95
W/strawberries or blueberries add 1.50

Parkview Sides

Home fries or Hash Browns 2.75
Parkview’s own Corned Beef Hash 4
Bacon, Sausage, or Ham 3.00


Two eggs, home fries & toast 500
Two eggs, choice of meat, home fries & toast 6.95
Big Breakfast (2 pancakes or French toast, 2 eggs, choice of meat, home fries) 8.50
Irish Big Breakfast Guiness sausage, Bacon, Seasoned grilled tomato, Home fries& eggs 10.95
Parkview’s Corned beef Hash w/ Two eggs & Toast 7.25
10 oz Flat iron Steak & Eggs with toast & home fries 14.00
Sausage & Biscuits and gravey w/ home fries 6.95 (add 2 eggs 1.00)
Eggs Benedict w/home fries 7.00
Salmon Benedict w/home fries 9.00

Parkview’s Omelets

served with home fries and toast 7.50
Made to order with one ofour fresh ingredients:
Onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, zucchini, broccli, sausage, bacon, ham, roasted red peppers, or salsa.
Pick one cheese:
Monterey Jack cheddar, provolone, cheddar, Swiss or American
additional ingredients .75
Egg whites…….. add 1.50

Parkview Specialty Omelettes

served with home fries and toast 8.00
Pesto Omelet - Roasted Red Peppers & Provolone cheese
Bruschetta & Cheese
Corned Beef Hash & Cheese
Spinach & Feta Cheese
Sausage, pepper & Onion
O'Tucxker Omlete bacon, onion, green pepper, sherdded potato & cheese
Western ham, peppers & onions

Breakfast in a skillet bowl! 6.50
Choose: Bacon Jam or Maple Ham Layered with potatoes, egg & cheese. Served w/ Grilled biscuits
Fresh Oatmeal 3.95
Choose 1 topping: banana, blueberry, cranrasins, walnuts, pecans, raisin
Specialty oatmeal bowls! 4.95
Apple, pecan or Cinnamon bun

Toast & Pastries

English Muffin, Toast – White, wheat, homemade rye 1.75
Gluten Free Toast 2
Fresh Bagel with Butter 2.00
Add Cream Cheese or peanut butter .75
Cinnamon buttery toast # 2.00
Grilled biscuits 2.00
Jumbo Cinnamon Roll 3.50
Add Bacon crumbles 1.00
Homemade dessert crepes 6.95
Sweet cream cheese with your choice: strawberry, blueberry or Nutella & banna

Beverages Coffee, decaf coffee 1.50   Hot Chocolate 1.50
Hot tea's 1.50 organic black or green & decaf Red Rose.
Juices- orange, cranberry, apple, grapefruit, or tomato regular: 1.75 Large 3.00
Milk 2.25 Chocolate Milk 2.50
From Scratch Bloody Mary's 5.75
Shrimp Cocktail Bloody Mary 9 Mimosas or Poinsettia Mimosas ??

Lunch / Dinner Menu

Homemade Soups


Overflowing with melted Swiss and Provolone.


Topped with melted cheese. No alarms here, not too spicy, not too hot, just right!

Ask your server about our daily homemade soups!

Bowl 4.00
Cup 3.00

Fresh Salads

Dressing: Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch, Lemon Poppyseed. Caesar, Italian, Blue Cheese, and French

Dinner Salad w/entree 3.00, w/out 4.50
Salad greens, seasonal vegetables, olives, red onion, sgredded cheese and homemade croutons.

River Walk Chef Salad 8.95
Salad Greens topped with turkey, ham, egg, cheese, fresh vegetables and house-made croutins.

Chicken Speidi Salad 9.00
Our take on a local favorite! Grilled hormone-free chicken pieces marinated in tangy herbs on top of fresh salad greens topped with seasonal vegetables, olives, red onion, shredded cheese and homemade crutons.

Caesar Salal 6.00
Crisp romaine lettuce and croutons tossed in creamy Caesar dressing, parmesan cheese, and grilled marinated chicken breast.

Dugan House Salad 10.00
Spring mix, craisins, walnuts, mandarin oranges, sunflower seeds, feta cheese, topped with coconut shrimp. Served with a lemon poppyseed dressing.

Steak Salad 16.95
10 oz tender flat iron steak w/fresh spring mix, red onion, olives, banana peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, egg, and topped with feta cheese and balsamic glaze.

Appetizers and Pub Snacks

Fresh Basil Bruschetta 6.95
Marinated fresh tomatoes and basil on toasted garlic bread topped with provolone cheese.

Crispy Fried Calamari 10.95
Choose Buffalo style or traditional with signature garlic sauce or marinara.

Fried Pickle Spears 5.50
Served with signature garlic sauce or marinara.

Garlic Bread 4.00
Our own baked bread topped with fresh garlic.
Add cheese 1.00

Mozzarella Sticks 6.00
Cheesy battered sticks with marinara sauce.

Fried Clam Strip Basket 6.00
Served with cocktail sauce.

Shrimp Cocktail 8.95
Or try one of these:

Rattle Snake Shrimp 9.00
Crispy fried and tossed in our signature wing sauce.Topped with bacon, cheese and a side of sweet Thai chili sauce.

Fried Coconut Shrimp 9.00
Five succulent shrimp served with our own homemade cocktail sauce or sweet and sour.

Almost all of our menu can be GLUTEN FREE – please ask your server.
Warning: due to the homemade nature of our recipes, please be warned that our gluten free offerings are not a 100% safe choice for our valued customers with a severe gluten allergy.

Comfort Foods

Macaroni & Cheese 9.75
Generous portion, blend of five cheeses, creamy sauce and topped with crispy Panko bread crumbs. Served with our vegetable of the day and fresh rolls.

Try one of these Mac & Cheese Stir-Ins

Seafoofoofood Mac & Cheese (scallops, shrimp and crab) 14.50

Chili Mac & Cheese 11.95

Buff alo Chicken Mac 12.50

Chicken Pot Pie 12.95
Our own from scratch crust with slow cooked tender all-natural chicken and vegetables. Served with house salad.

Liver & Onions 11.50
Two slices of liver grilled with caramelized onion.
add bacon 2.00

Homemade Meatloaf 10.95
Generous slice of perfectly seasoned meatloaf with gravy.

Hot Roast Beef 11.95
Tender sliced roast beef served with homemade mashed potatoes, gravy, and house vegetable.

Bangers & Mash 12.95
Traditional Irish sausages over mashed potatoes or rice with a whiskey demi-glaze and candied onions, served with a side salad.

Country Fried Steak 14.00
Fork tender chop steak coated in crispy breaded coating and served with country gravy.

Pierogi 9.00
Smothered in caramelized onions, served with sour cream and house salad.
add Kielbasa 4.00

Marinated Chicken Breast 13.95
Hormone free chicken breast in our own marination.

Unless specified, dinners served with your choice of rice or potato and vegetable of the day.
Dinner rolls available upon request!

House Specials

Flat Iron Steak 16.95
Tender steak grilled to your liking and topped with garlic butter compound.
Add sautéed mushrooms 2.00

Prime Top Sirloin Steak ( Black Angus ) 19.95
Cooked just the way you like it!
Add sautéed mushrooms 2.00

Stuffed Haddock 17.00
Mascarpone cheese, shrimp, spinach, bread crumbs, mushrooms, and bacon infused with white wine. Topped with lemon white wine cream sauce.

Parmesan Encrusted Haddock 13.95

Salmomon 15.95
Seasoned and broiled OR blackened char-grilled.

Broiled or Blackened Tilapia 12.50

Homemade Crab Cakes 14.50
Created in house with lump crab meat pan fried to perfection.

Shrimp Scampi 16.95
Sautéed in butter, garlic and white wine, served over pasta, with a side salad and garlic bread.

Chicken Marsala 16.50
Chicken breast sautéed with fresh mushrooms and Marsala wine.

Almomond Crusted Chicken 17.00
Chicken breast encrusted in crushed almonds and panko seasonings pan-fried and topped with creamy Malibu rum infused coconut sauce.

Chicken Parmesan 15.00
Breaded to perfection and baked, not fried, topped with our house pasta sauce and mozzarella cheese, served with a side of spaghetti and salad.

Stuff ed Portabella 13.95
Marinated mushroom stuffed with seasonal vegetables, spinach, and tomato, topped and baked with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, served with house salad.

Vegetable Lasagna 14.25
Breaded eggplant cutlets with house veggies, homemade cheesy sauce with a side salad and garlic bread.

Dinners served with vegetable of the day, choice of rice, mashed potato or sweet mashed potato (fresh bread upon request).
We use all natural antibiotic- and hormone-free chicken.

Burgers and Sandwiches

All sandwiches come with your choice of house made kettle chips or coleslaw.
Unless specified upgrade to French fries or sweet potato waffle fries for 1.50.

Parkview 1/2 Pound Pub Burger & Fries 9.75
Big juicy burger freshly ground by John’s Fine Foods. Served on a fresh baked ciabatta roll with your choice of American, cheddar or Swiss cheese.
Add mushrooms, bacon or onion straws 1.00

Page Hotel Burger 7.50
6 oz. burger with your choice of cheese.

Dugan House Burger & Fries 10.95
Award Winning! 1/2 pound burger, topped with bacon jam, arugula, chipotle sauce and sharp American cheese.

Reuben Sandwich 10.25
Slow cooked corned beef with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and thousand island dressing on our own fresh rye bread.

Rachel Grill (Reuben’s Sister) 9.50
Substitute corned beef with turkey breast and creamy coleslaw to replace the kraut.

Chicken Spiedie Sub 9.00
Our own special recipe. All natural Coleman chicken.

BLT 7.50
Thick bacon, lettuce and tomato.

Tuna Melt 7.50
Melt your heart tuna melt, made with our own ciabatta bread and provolone cheese.

Chicken Tenders & Fries 9.25
Served with homemade coleslaw and your choice dipping sauces: honey mustard, BBQ, ranch, or blue cheese.

Grilled Cheese & Soup Du Jour 8.50
The best grilled cheese you’ll ever have. Made with American and cheddar cheeses and grilled to perfection.
Add ham 1.00
Add French Onion Soup 1.00

Sausage Pattie Sandwich 11.00
Served with onions and peppers, topped with provolone on a grilled hoagie roll.

Corned Beef Sandwich 12.95
Piled high w/double corned beef, on fresh baked rye.

Irish Beef Dip 9.95
Tender slices of beef with melted Swiss cheese on toasted ciabatta roll with au jus for dipping.

Philly Cheese Steak 9.50
Thinly sliced beef with onions, peppers and melted cheese, served on a grilled hoagie roll.

Fish Tacos (Baja Style) 9.25
Our own marinated haddock fish, pickled red cabbage, onion, lettuce, tomato, remoulade sauce and sprinkle of sriracha.

Deli Sandwich 8.75
Choose freshly sliced roast beef, ham or turkey, tuna egg or ham salad. Served on a fresh-baked roll.
Make it a TRIPLE DECKER w/bacon 9.75
or wraps .75

Crispy Chicken Wrap 8.50
Crispy chicken tenders with lettuce, tomato, and cheddar cheese with your choice of dressing.
Make it Buffalo chicken OR bacon and ranch 1.00

Portabella Mushroom Sandwich 8.00
Big marinated portabella mushroom topped with roasted red peppers and provolone cheese.
Served with sweet potato fries.

Veggie Wrap Sandwich 9.00
Marinated vegetables in a balsamic blend with lettuce and garlic hummus and drizzle of balsamic.

Chicken Quesadilla 9.75
Sautéed onion, pepper, black beans, tomatoes, and cheddar cheese, served with salsa and sour cream.
Vegetarian option available!



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